research project for facade collectors 1 – Solar thermal prototype
research project for facade collectors 2 – Solar thermal prototype
research project for facade collectors 3 – Solar thermal prototype
research project for facade collectors 4 – Solar thermal prototype
research project for facade collectors 5 – Solarthermie

Solar thermal prototype


Research for the Future of Facades

The solar thermal energy prototype is part of a research project for the further development of semi-transparent solar thermal facade collectors.

As part of this project a facade-integrated vacuum tube collector, suitable for modular adaptation to large facades, was constructed.

The solar heat gained by the collector can be made available at high temperature via the tube system integrated into the facade and used as domestic hot water, for heat production or for solar cooling.

This modular system can be applied to very different types of buildings and adapted to local conditions and energy requirements. The combination of solar energy harvesting and solar protection with the simultaneous retention of visual transparency is unique to this system.


  • Highly efficient harvesting of thermal solar energy with simultaneous sun protection and visual transparency
  • Impeccable technical functionality, high levels of reliability and environmental sustainability (avoidance of glycol)
  • Ease of maintenance and flexible facade design with high architectural quality.

Innovation goals

Swift planning and delivery, a high level of prefabrication and rapid installation.

Project Management and Collaborations

The project arose out of a previous research idea evolved at the Institut für Baukonstruktion und Entwerfen L2 at the Stuttgart University.

It is currently being further developed into an integral modular facade system under the auspices of FRENER & REIFER by a South Tyrolean R&D Consortium KAB (Consortium for a Centre of Excellence for Alpine Construction Technology) also consisting of:

PROGRESS AG, Obrist GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Mayer & Partner, the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC), Munich Technical University, Hydro Building System GmbH, Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Solites, and Stuttgart University.