Satellit  mit FRENER & REIFER –  benutzbare Stadtraumskulptur
Satellit  mit FRENER & REIFER –  benutzbare Stadtraumskulptur1
Satellit  mit FRENER & REIFER –  benutzbare Stadtraumskulptur2

Satellit - Experimental Architectue and Digital Chain


„Satellite“ is a multi-functional urban space sculpture on the lawn between the Hofburg and the civic offices in Innsbruck. It offers room for discussions, demonstrations, concerts, presentations and functions as a cultural implant in the urban space.

“columbosnext“ realised the project in cooperation with FRENER & REIFER, WF Mechanik, Bollinger + GROHMANN and Studio 3.

Satellit provides creative artists with a platform for incorporating their performances into the urban space. As an architectural “ambassador”, Satellit changes its location and initially makes its presence felt in various urban locations, subsequently also appearing in extra-urban contexts.

“columbosnext“, an open group for extending the field of architecture, designed Satellit as a platform to explore architecture, society, and the initiation and staging of cultural, social and urban activities. The development of the stage sculpture was based on cooperation with local companies and the experimental use of innovative production techniques. Individual components were prefabricated as lasered steel elements and then folded. Structural optimisation of the system was accomplished using highly advanced analysis and calculation programs (e.g. Karamba).

In order to manage the complex structural tasks involved, pioneering companies from the construction field were contacted. Working with FRENER & REIFER Brixen/Bressanone (WF Mechanik as a subcontractor) and BOLLINGER GROHMANN, Vienna (structural engineering) ensured that external technical know-how flowed into the project. The Institute of Design, Studio 3 of the Faculty of Architecture at Innsbruck University was also heavily involved in the development of the project.


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