Sainsbury-Wellcome-Centre-with-translucent-cast-glass facade-from-Frener-Reifer

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre wins three prestigious awards

The outstanding building envelope of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre - design-engineered, fabricated and installed by FRENER & REIFER - has received three prestigious awards in London: a BRITISH CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AWARD, the UK's most prestigious construction award, and two LEAF AWARDS in the categories OVERALL WINNER 2016 and BEST FACADE DESIGN ENGINEERING 2016.

The special feature of the functional building, realised to designs by Ian Ritchie Architects, is the translucent, undulating glass facade. This gently curving light-transmitting envelope is notable for preventing inspection from outside while nevertheless directing daylight into the interior.

Last week the construction was awarded a British Construction Industry Award, presented each year to the best projects in the UK. Because the entire construction supply chain is evaluated, this is the only award officially supported by the British government.

This was not the only prize awarded to The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre last week. The building was also the recipient of two LEAF AWARDS in the categories Overall Winner 2016 and Best Facade Design Engineering 2016 given by the Leading European Architecture Forum. The LEAF Award is a prestigious international architectural prize awarded to the most innovative buildings worldwide.