graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-5
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-9
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-10
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-11
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-12
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-6
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-7
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-8
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-12
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-12
graduated “zig-zag” glass facade-12

Coal Drops Yard


London, UK


Heatherwick Studio


Overall project
time incl. design:
2015 - 2018

Installation period:
2017 -2018

The curved building envelope of Coal Drops Yard was entirely design-engineered, fabricated and installed by FRENER & REIFER.

Scope of work

  • 565 m2 graduated “zig-zag” glass facade with 8 m high insulation glazing
  • 120 m2 ribbon roof lights
  • 200 m2 transom/mullion facades to railway building gable ends
  • 80 m2 walkable glass floor

Innovations / Challenges

  • Special glass mounting brackets to accommodate the movements and tolerances of the freely suspended connecting bridge aka “Kissing Point”
  • High building physics requirements e.g. transparency of the “zig-zag” glazing
  • Three-dimensionally curved sheet metal cladding, following the form of the building
  • Extremely high level of technical design input as hardly any part of the façade is the same
  • Parametric 3D BIM model, design phase
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