Administration Building, Germany, Munich, Glazing, Integrated photovoltaic system
Bavarian State Bank
Bavarian State Bank
Bavarian State Bank
Glazed connecting corridor, Glasbrücke
Bavarian State Bank

Bavarian State Bank


Munich, Germany


Stiebale Architekten
Munich, Germany


Overall Project Time:
1995 – 1997

Execution Period:
20 Months

Scope of work

  • Photovoltaic system integratedinto the glazing.
  • Glass double facade with point-fixed rotary bearings.
  • Metal pillar cladding, windows.
  • Heated facade, entrance systems, stainless steel work.

Innovations / Challenges

  • 538 m2 photovoltaic area with wide variety of applications.
  • SSGS façade.
  • Glass hood.
  • Glazed connecting corridor.
  • Sun/glare protection system.
  • Courtyard facade.

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