Film Presentation and Podium Discussion
Film Presentation and Podium Discussion

Film Presentation and Podium Discussion

Monday 15th July at 18.30 "Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film", at Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1, Munich, Germany

The award-winning film "The Wounded Brick" tells the story of people from L‘Aquila - those affected by the devastating earthquake of 2009, concentrating in particular on citizens, acti vists and sociologists as well as architects, urban planners and designers, fighting for humane living conditions - against economic and political interests.

Who does the city belong to?
What does habitati on mean?

Human beings should learn from such catastrophic events and what their aftermaths reveal about the way of the world. The Wounded Brick is a special film that moves the Italian heart of FRENER & REIFER – if only because we shared common experiences with a group of architects in Aquila and the surrounding area shortly before the earthquake occurred.

Directed and produced:
By Sue Alice and
Edward Okukubo Zorzenoni,
mediart01 Films, Vienna.

Apply for a personal invitation to the event directly at Marketing, FRENER & REIFER. We look forward to your interest.

FRENER & REIFER supports this film presentation and discussion of its main theme.